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        Product Name: HQ400/3V
        Views: 1094 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2017-02-06
        ITEM HQ400/3V
        Swing over bed φ420mm
        Distance between centers 400mm
        Max. longitudinal travel 380mm
        Max. cross travel 120mm
        Taper of spindle M.T.3
        Spindle hole φ20mm
        Step of spindle speed
        Range of spindle speed 0-600 r.p.m,600-1800 r.p.m
        Barrel travel 70mm
        Taper of center M.T.3
        Metric thread range 0.7-2mm
        Inch thread range 7-30T.P.I
        Longitudinal range of automatic feeding 0.088-0.28mm/0.0035-0.011"
        Cross range of automatic feeding
        Max. drilling capacity φ15mm
        Worktable size (L*W) 200×150mm2
        Max. end mill φ20mm
        Max. face mill φ63mm
        Spindle travel 85mm
        Headstock travel of up and down 80mm
        Spindle taper M.T.3
        Range of spindle speed 0-660 r.p.m,660-2030 r.p.m
        Swivel of headstock ±360°
        Motor power 1.1Kw
        Voltage/Frequency As customers’ requirement
        Packing size 1032×580×1100mm
        N. weight/G .weight 185kg/220kg
        Loading amount 44pcs/20’container