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        Upright Drilling Machine
        Product Name: Upright Drilling Machine
        Views: 884 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2017-02-06
        Drilling Machine        Model Z5040T Z5040ET
        Machinery power feed Electronic power feed
        Max.drilling capacity 40
        Threading in steel & last iron M20&M24
        Spindle travel 180mm
        Spindle taper MT4
        Spindle power feed 2steps/0.1-0.2mm/rev
        Spindle speed 50-1450rpm
        Width of T-slot 18mm
        Max.distance from spindle axis to surface of column 350mm
        Max.distance from spindle end to surface of table 770mm
        Max.distance from spindle end to surface of base 1210
        Table size 560×560
        Base size 730×500
        Motor power 0.85/1.5kw
        NW/GW 465kg/615kg
        Packing size 2270×690×1100mm

        Product Description
        2 speed strong power motor
        Automatic take out tools
        2 steps power feed 0.1-0.2mm/rev
        Tilting worktable