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        Upright Drilling Machine
        Product Name: Upright Drilling Machine
        Views: 618 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2017-02-05
        ITEM Z5032 Z5040 Z5045
        Max.drilling capacity 32mm 40mm 45mm
        Spindle taper M.T.3 or R8 M.T.4  M.T.4 
        Spindle travel 130mm 130mm 130mm
        Step of spindle speed 6 6 6
        Range of spindle speed           50Hz 80-1250 r.p.m 80-1250 r.p.m 80-1250 r.p.m
                                                     60Hz     95-1500 r.p.m 95-1500 r.p.m 95-1500 r.p.m
        Min.distance from spindle axis to column 283mm 283mm 283mm
        Max.distance from spindle nose to worktable 725mm 725mm 725mm
        Max.distance from spindle nose to stand table 1125mm 1125mm 1125mm
        Max.travel of headstock 250mm 250mm 250mm
        Swivel angle of headstock(horizontal/perpendicular)          360°/±90°          360°/±90°          360°/±90°
        Max.travel of worktable bracket 600mm 600mm 600mm
        Worktable size of avaliablity 380×300mm 380×300mm 380×300mm
        Swivel angle of table horizontally         360°         360°          360°
        Table leaned          ±45°          ±45°           ±45°
        Size of stand worktable of avaliability 417×416mm 417×416mm 417×416mm
        Motor Power
        0.75KW(1HP) 1.1KW(1.5HP) 1.5KW(2HP)
        As customer's requirement As customer's requirement As customer's requirement
        speed of motor 1400 r.p.m 1400 r.p.m 1400 r.p.m
        Net weight/Gross weight 430kg/480kg 432kg/482kg 435kg/485kg
        Packing size 1850×750×1000mm 1850×750×1000mm 1850×750×1000mm
        Loading amount 18pcs/20container 18pcs/20container 18pcs/20container